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Custom Strap Link Bracelet

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Custom Strap Link Bracelet is a handy piece of personalized jewelry for men. This is an iconic symbol of premium quality. Look at the chain design of this name bracelet. One word to describe its nature is, unique. A handsome man like you should only say yes to jewelry that adds more meaning to the principles that define you. Real men don’t have iconic characters in their lives. They drive their life based on the qualities that do good to the community as a whole. What are you thinking? Well, yes this is the perfect explanation of you huh? You are an inspiration to society. People are ready to learn from you. This is one of the best opportunities you get to show your colors. Inbox us your name. Today is the perfect day to place your jewelry order. Hurry up and save more.

Bracelet Description:

Style: Casual/Smart Casual
Material: Stainless Steel
Plating: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver
Letters per name: 12

Custom Engraved Name Bracelet 💪

Beceff’s Custom Strap Link Bracelet is an engraved name bracelet. We do not define any limits for your creativity. You have lots of customization options here. Beceff jewelry is not just another personalized jewelry store. We are a bunch of professionals with experience in the jewelry design industry. Our sole aim is to provide you with the best shapes that add a new dimension to how you see things in your life. Because seeing things from a different angle helps you to be more creative and it creates a man who thinks out of the box. Inbox us the basic concept in your mind via support@beceff.com. We are ready to help.

A Jewelry Gift to My Husband 🤵

Beceff’s Custom Strap Link Bracelet is a handy jewelry gift to your loving husband on his birthday. Busy life may distract your attention away from him and your family. So it is thoughtful to update the bonds. Family is the most important factor in your life and your husband has done a great job so far to protect it, so as you. Give him a little credit for his efforts. This is the time.

The design will come with a Free Beautiful Box! Perfect to be a gift!

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Additional information


Sterling Silver, 18K Gold, Rose Gold


Premium Stainless Steel


16cm + 5cm (6.3" + 2") Extended Chain

Care Instructions

  • Avoid contact with chemical substances.
  • Avoid collision with hard objects.
  • Clean it appropriately with a soft cloth.
  • Do not wear them when you exercise.
  • Put it in a jewelry box when not wearing.


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