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Custom Name Anklet Bracelet

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Custom Name Anklet Bracelet is a bling jewelry wear made with high quality materials. This name bracelet has lots of special sparkling effects. We inlay these awesome looking crystals according to a secret pattern to give a classy looking reflection of light. Sparkling jewelry should have a glimmer that is identical to itself. We are saying these for you to keep you informed about the designer’s secrets. More information will help you to avoid the scammers out there in the personalized jewelry industry.

Beceff is a world renowned custom jewelry brand with expanding client platform. We have professional jewelry designers from each corner of the world. Hence you get the best shapes not only to serve your custom jewelry need but also to visualize your culture as well. As designers, we admire your best satisfaction. Your happiness is important to us. Drop us a message through support@beceff.com and explain your custom jewelry need. We are ready to give you the best customer service 24/7.

Bracelet Description:

Style: Casual/Smart Casual
Material: Stainless Steel
Plating: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver
Letters per name: 10

Hip Hop Custom Name Bracelet ✌️

Beceff’s Custom Name Anklet Bracelet is a fabulous piece of custom name jewelry for night functions. You’ll love to enjoy the great feeling full of the best vibes with hip-hop rhythms. Win the party atmosphere and attract the attention of the people in a passionate way. Convince people how classy you are and your knowledge of jewelry matching with dresses. Be an inspiration to others. This is a great opportunity. Place your order now and save more.

A memorable jewelry gift to your friend 🎁

Beceff’s Custom Name Anklet Bracelet is a thoughtful jewelry gift for your closest friend on her special day. This custom name bracelet is a piece of jewelry with soul. You can have the name of the place that you two get encountered the first time. She’ll love to receive this gift from you. This is the perfect time to update your memories.

The design will come with a Free Beautiful Box! Perfect to be a gift!

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Additional information


Sterling Silver, 18K Gold, Rose Gold


Premium Stainless Steel


Bracelet, Anklet, Necklace, Set (Bracelet+Anklet+Necklace)

Care Instructions

  • Avoid contact with chemical substances.
  • Avoid collision with hard objects.
  • Clean it appropriately with a soft cloth.
  • Do not wear them when you exercise.
  • Put it in a jewelry box when not wearing.


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