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Wave Chain Name Necklace

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Wave Chain Name Necklace is a beautiful piece of jewelry made specifically for women. This fabulous name necklace is a custom name personalized necklace that adds a shimmering beauty for the one who wears. The necklace features the water wave chain to make the item more oriented to your feminine heart. Its custom nameplate brings astonishing beauty to the necklace. It is unique and is waiting for your instructions to become yours. The shine is absolutely stunning.

Necklace Description,

Style: Casual/Smart Casual
Chain Type: Water Wave Chain
Material: Stainless Steel
Plating: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver
Max. Letters per name: 12

Personalized custom name necklace 📿

A personalized custom name necklace is the jewelry item that shows your identity to the world. As a global leader in the industry of personalized jewelry Beceff always takes good care of your satisfaction regarding the quality of the product. Production of each item occupies premium quality materials from our reputed suppliers. Products run through 3 different quality inspection cycles before they get the shipping certification. We have professional jewelry designers at our factories to accommodate all the design-related issues. Each sensitive corner of our name necklaces received their caring touch of inspiration. We take pride in producing the best quality jewelry for all our customers and on-time delivery. Today is your lucky day to put the names in your heart on our finest quality materials. Wear our Wave Chain Name Necklace with your born attitude of femininity. You’ll love it…!!!

Best gift for a girl 👩

Ladies love to have gifts from the ones they care about. The feelings born inside the feminine hearts are strong and sophisticated for eternity. It is hard to give a definition for a woman, but they are most likely the ocean. Ocean waves hit the shore and wrap the sand to its bottom. Ladies throw the waves of love at the ones they care to cherish the souls with much affection. Our Wave Chain Name Necklace is an inspiration for femininity. Gift it to any lady who is special to you with love. Enjoy…!!!

The design will come with a Free Beautiful Box! Perfect to be a gift!

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Additional information


Sterling Silver, 18K Gold, Rose Gold

Chain Length

16" (40cm), 18" (45cm), 20" (50cm), 22" (55cm)


Premium Stainless Steel

Care Instructions

  • Avoid contact with chemical substances.
  • Avoid collision with hard objects.
  • Clean it appropriately with a soft cloth.
  • Do not wear them when you exercise.
  • Put it in a jewelry box when not wearing.

12 reviews for Wave Chain Name Necklace

    Helen Ecclestone
    Good service and nice necklace! 
    Frona Joiner
    Krystle Ibbot
    Really very nice! :) 
    Brenda Hooper
    As always perfect 
    Nora Thwaite
    Love it! 
    Racheal Stanton
    Love the font, the gold is a little too bright yellow though
    Kelleigh George
    Beautiful presentation in its transparent box. My daughter finds it super beautiful! 
    Paislee Ainsworth
    Caitlin Christian
    It's my second necklace.
    Lyric Sempers
    There was a problem with shipping and, within twenty days of ordering, it appeared to me as canceled. I contacted the seller, sent it back quickly and it has arrived in eleven days.
    Cher Rowland
    Communication and service have been impeccable at all times. Seller absolutely recommended. 
    Tilly Dickenson
    Simply beautiful super recommended. 

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