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Resizable Iced Out Name Ring

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Resizable Iced Out Name Ring is a crystal inlaid personalized single custom name ring for sparkling jewelry lovers. This is special. Don’t think of it as a regular conventional name ring. Look how identical the design is. Checkout out our product image. Do you ever get in encountered with a prestigious quality finish like this? Have you ever wondered about what a premium quality custom made name ring would look like? Here’s you have the answer. Beceff have over dozens of iced out custom name rings to compatible with all your outfits. All in premium quality. Your choice is right to be here. Don’t waste it. Make the right decision today. There are amazing discounts awaits just to gift you the best jewelry experience of your life. Make it yours today and experience the glimmering happiness of life. Enjoy.

Ring Description:

Style: Casual/Smart Casual
Material: Stainless Steel
Crystal type: Premium CZ crystals
Plating: Gold, Rose Gold, Silver
Letters per name: 8

The beauty of an iced out ring 💍

There are hundreds of thousands of ring designs in this world. However non of them can beat the sparkling elegance of an iced out formatted ring. An iced out name ring showcases your majors to the world. It is beautiful jewelry wear for women. What is the worth of jewelry if they fail to compatible with your dresses? We love to wear collections right? The compatibility is important. Beceff’s jewelry designers are caring this a lot. Furthermore, Our Resizable Iced Out Name Ring is made with premium quality stainless steel to secure the longlasting shimmer. This is what you were looking for, right? Then what’s the hesitation for? Sale is on. Place the order now for big savings.

A gift 🎁

A gift should have a meaning to make feel for the one you give. A meaning full gift should have an inherited inspiration, motivation and a touch of love. Beceff’s Resizable Iced Out Name Ring is a jewelry filled with all the essences them. Don’t miss this opportunity. It is waiting to be yours.

The design will come with a Free Beautiful Box! Perfect to be a gift!

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Additional information


Sterling Silver, 18K Gold, Rose Gold

Ring Size



Premium Stainless Steel

Care Instructions

  • Avoid contact with chemical substances.
  • Avoid collision with hard objects.
  • Clean it appropriately with a soft cloth.
  • Do not wear them when you exercise.
  • Put it in a jewelry box when not wearing.


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